Personal Success Diary (Interactive PDF)

You know the old saying: “Success just does not happen overnight!”

The purpose of this diary is to plan, record and reflect on your journey to success.

Before starting, it’s important to point out that there are three prerequisites you must have to start your journey. These are: positivity (or a growth mindset); persistence (or self-discipline or grit); and a passion for what you what to do and achieve.

There are seven components to the diary process. Set your goals at the beginning of each month and record your achievements at the end of each month. At the start of each day, record your plan and list your actions for the day ahead. During the day, make notes and list any ideas and follow-up items that may arise. At the end of the day, write your reflections on what worked and didn’t work. List your next steps or things to do. Self-improvement is
critical if we want to achieve personal success. Each daily page has a quote that aims to inspire you and assist your reflection at the end of the day.

Seven determinants will define your success. These are:

• Balance – your life with adequate sleep, a healthy diet, exercise, and family.
• Challenges – set goals that will challenge you to move outside your comfort zone.
• Choices – all choices have consequences, so do not complicate your life, but keep it simple.
• Decisions – make decisions that will help to achieve your goals and not add frustration.
• Experiences – should be challenging, intentional and strategic.
• Integrity – what you do when no one is watching, so ensure authenticity to enjoy trust.
• Opportunities – look for them and enjoy the ones to ensure balance or are strategic.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant

“Plan your actions. Reflect on your daily achievements. Enjoy your success.” – Dr Ken Darvall