The Teaching Guarantee: Every Day is Different

The Teaching Guarantee: Every Day is Different reflects the 50 years of educational leadership experience of Dr Ken Darvall. With Australian and international experience across all domains of school education, the author selects the critical aspects of school education and provides advice on how school principals and their communities can make a difference to their schools. Divided into five sections, the author provides the reader with a handbook to effective school leadership.

The first section examines aspects that ensure is day is different in schools. The importance of opportunities for students sets the tone, along with commentary on multi-aged classrooms, critical leadership skills and initiative. Issues about starting school, inclusion and inspiration identify the diversity of the school leadership role, why lifelong learning is paramount and why each school must nurture the parent connection.

Section 2 focuses on the uniqueness of each school and how one size does not fit all. Context and culture define a school’s uniqueness, while the teaching experience of staff and the effectiveness of teamwork are critical to any school’s reputation. The importance of planning, personalised learning and action research is considered in terms of how best practice. Caution is highlighted in terms of conflict and its impact on school admissions.

Although each school is unique, common elements of school education are explored in the third section. These include results and standards, personal and professional development, the importance of data when reporting, expectations, parent associations, and school boards. What to consider when choosing the right school and the impact of an International Baccalaureate education and boarding school are discussed.

The fourth section articulates how schools can make a difference in their school communities. Key topics are integrity, recruitment, budget and finance and mentors. Communication is often difficult to address effectively, and online learning is examined in light of its eminence during the COVID years. Each school seeks success in many ways, and clues are provided about success elements and the importance of school celebrations.

The final section covers the many lessons learnt over 50 years, and readers will enjoy the wisdom that comes with experience from so many different types of schools and their communities. Importantly, the author emphasises his gratitude to each of the school communities in which he has served and the incredible contributions of the staff, parents and students at each school who have made his journey an experience he shares.

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