January Blog: To The Future

Happy New Year!

May you enjoy peace, love, happiness and more in 2024.

A new year generally has many people thinking about new goals and looking at the possible trends for the coming 12 months. Each should go hand in hand, although goals are usually personal while trends are generally intrapersonal.

What are some likely trends we need to prepare for possible impact on our personal or work lives?

I will nominate the following ‘players’ I hope we can avoid or manage in 2024.

The COVID Curse continues to haunt communities. Infection rates remain high (and, hopefully, manageable), but its employment and logistics impact affects many of us. Yes, COVID is a personal responsibility now, but systems everywhere still struggle to manage at times.

Technology woes, especially cybercrime, like COVID, respect nobody. Being lax or careless with your internet security only becomes an additional statistic these days. The jury remains out on AI, with a balanced scorecard regarding its advantages and disadvantages.

Living costs are a global sore for all, with few exceptions. These days, the grass on the other side of the fence is not greener.

At a school level, ensuring learning engagement and a violence-free environment are urgently required. Meaningful and responsive school leadership are paramount as schools often struggle with the ‘new normal.’

Wellbeing in difficult and stressful times remains critical, and hopefully, many have their successful strategies in place when required.

If looking for some answers at a school level, try The Teaching Guarantee: Every Day is Different.

Enjoy each day.


Published on January 4, 2024

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