May Blog: What Really Matters?

One question that I always enjoyed asking at a recruitment interview was:

“What is more important: teaching or learning?”

In 99.9% of the responses provided, teaching was the assured answer. I would then argue that learning was more important as poor teaching may not result in learning taking place, except for the possible dislike of the teacher!

These days, I pose a new question: ‘In the pursuit of education, which is of greater significance: knowledge or understanding?’ It’s fascinating to see how those who initially championed teaching now advocate for knowledge. Yet, I maintain my stance, arguing that understanding reigns supreme.

If I look at teaching and knowledge, I consider each as a process. On the other hand, I regard learning and understanding as outcomes (of the process).

Going a bit further, these outcomes are personal or individualised and, as such, will be different for each individual.

This is just another reason why individual or personalised learning should be a priority rather than cohort learning, which is the norm.

So, perhaps, the more important question to ask each time is: What really matters?

As a student, what really matters?

For the parent, what really matters?

As a teacher, what really matters to you?

As a school leader, what really matters to you?

Peace, love and happiness.


Published on April 21, 2024

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