March Blog: Personalised Learning and Missed Opportunities

If you have read The Teaching Guarantee: Every Day is Different, you will know I am passionate about personalised learning, the opportunities for technology to enhance it, and my disappointment with the missed opportunity that schools had to maximise personalised learning during COVID-closures.

AI experts promote two big benefits of AI in schools: its impact on personalised learning, and teacher planning.

Having missed the boat during COVID, I hope schools do not take the ostrich approach and ignore AI’s potential to ensure every student has a personal tutor regarding their own chatbot or other AI resources.

At last, AI can remove the school education’s factory model from the 21st century and ensure personalised learning is the modus operandi in each school.

A dream? No, it should be a reality.

Will you be part of this critical change?

Enjoy each day.


Published on March 1, 2024

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