September Blog: The Teaching Guarantee is Here!

It’s time to launch, The Teaching Guarantee: Every Day is Different.

I’m excited for three reasons:

  • The book marks my 50 years in school education.
  • There are plenty of clues for teachers and (future) school leaders to enjoy success in their schools.
  • The book is an acknowledgement to the staff, students, parents, schools and communities with whom and in which I have enjoyed serving over the years.

There are three options to purchase The Teaching Guarantee. There is the softcover book, a PDF version, and an ePub version that requires an ePub reader, such as Apple iBooks. The choice is yours and each is available from this website.

Do you need an independent opinion? Here is the link to the book review by the Literary Titan.

I look forward to connecting with you and receiving your feedback.

Make a difference and enjoy each day.


Published on September 8, 2023

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